Periodical publication, magazine «BEREGINYA•777•SOVA» is registered by Management of Federal service on supervision in the sphere of Telecom, information technologies and mass communications of the Voronezh region - certificate PI №ТУ36-00089 dated August 25, 2009

Media re-registered due to change of founders, change the language, changing the territory of distribution, to clarify the subject. In the certificate on registration of mass-media changes due to change of address amended on June 25, 2014

The journal «BEREGINYA•777•SOVA» registered by the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of Telecom, information technologies and mass communications (Roskomnadzor) - the certificate of registration of mass media PI №FS77-58495 June 25, 2014

Approximate subjects and (or) specialization: Economics, geopolitics, national history, archaeology, modern and contemporary history of foreign countries, civilizationthe, conflict studies, criminal law, environment, education (including distance learning), education and pedagogy, language pedagogy, testology, methods of teaching foreign languages (including Russian as a foreign language),sociolinguistics, Culturology, literary studies, art, physical culture and sports, advertising in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on advertising.

The main fields are history of Russia, education and pedagogy, Culturology, physical culture and sport.

The journal is published quarterly (4 times per year)

Territory of distribution: Russian Federation, foreign countries.

The founder (cofounders), (address):

The limited liability company "research Centre of the EURO - school" (117335 Moscow, ul. Vavilova 97)

Gostev Ruslan Georgiyevich (123627, Moscow, ul. Mitinskaya, d. 27, building 1, apt 340)

Belozertsev Eugene Petrovich (394024, Voronezh region, Voronezh, the work prospectus, d. 40, kV. 100)

From 2009 to 2014, inclusive, in the journal published about 500 articles, authored by scientists of Russia and foreign countries (over 50 articles). The authors of the journal «BEREGINYA•777•SOVA» are Nobel laureate, academician, Vice-President of the RAS Zh. I. Alferov, Director of the Institute of sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician of Russian Academy of Sciences M. K. Gorshkov, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. I. Zhukov, academician, Secretary of the Department of social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Kokoshin, member of RAS V. V. Lebedev, A. N. Chilingarov, academician RAO M. N. Berulava, a member - correspondent of RAO V. I. Lysov, O. N. Smolin, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. I. Kashin, V. S. Shevelukha and others. The articles are reviewed.